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VoxFest Results
Judge Barry Clark

Competition No 1:
Novice Up to 13 years
10 years and Under
1st        Quentin Bailey
2nd        Yasmin Lowe

Competition No 2:
 Novice 14 years & Over (inc Adults)
14-16 years
1st        Rachel Grant
2nd        Jaydee Castle

Competition No 4:
 Musical Theatre
10 years & under
1st  Lisa Bird
2nd   Quentin Bailey

Competition No 6:
Musical Theatre 14-16 years
1st  Lily Armstrong
2nd    Kitty Mitchell-Turner

Competition No 7: Musical Theatre
17 years & over
1st  Madison Horne

Competition No 8:
Musical Theatre Programme up to
13 years
10 years & under
1st        Lisa Bird

11-13 years
1st Chrissie Bhima

Competition No10:
Musical Theatre Programme 16 year & over
1st        Chloe Solomons

Cups Awarded

The Wendy Fane Cup   -   Quentin Bailey
The Rebekah & Craig Whiteley Cup   -  
Rachel Grant
The Bradley Lister Challenge Cup
   -   Lisa Bird
The Capel Morris Cup
   -   Lily Armstrong
The Music Theatre 2000 Cup
   -   Madison Horne
The Charlotte Fane Cup
   -   Lisa Bird
The Shine Cup
   -   Chrissie Bhima
The Mrs J Lord Thompson Cup
   -   Chloe Solomons

Vocal Coaching Session prizes awarded to
Lily Armstrong   with   Rosemary Ashe
Madison Horne   with   Mary Hammond
Chloe Solomons   with   Charles Miller

Popfest Results

Competition No 1:
Pop Singing 8-10 years
1st        Lisa Bird
2nd        Ava Dodsworth

Competition No 2:
Pop Singing 11-13 years
1st        Poppy Hall
2nd        Anya Farringdon

Competition No 3:
Pop Singing 14-16  years
1st        Bethany Rands-Walsh
2nd        Jorene Tavora

Competition No 4:
Pop Singing 17 years & over
1st        Chloe Solomons
2nd        Lara Russell

Competition No 7:
Songwriting 17 years & over
1st        Jack Evans
2nd        Riley Ojomoh

OVERALL WINNER and Cheque for £250
Bethany Rands-Walsh